Summer Photoshoot Ideas

Photoshoot Ideas for the Summer

summer photoshoot

How Do I Take Nice Summer Pictures?

  1. Before I pick a location, I always find out what sort of outfit my client will be wearing. Once I get an idea of the colors, I can plan the location accordingly.
  2. I said it before in my Plan A Personal Brand Shoot post, and I will say it again.  post, and I will say it again. Tell a story, specifically with the colors, background and any props in mind. 
  3. Be aware of lighting conditions. Personally I stick with golden hours, to avoid any challenges with harsh light.
  4. Candids are usually my favorite. It's the most natural, and I love taking pictures when my clients aren't taking pictures. To me, I am capturing the most authentic moments, and the clients tend to love this too.
  5. Don't forget to have fun! The process of a shoot should be worry free and comfortable. Keep an upbeat attitude and make sure client is having a great time. You will see those good vibes shine through the images.

Summer Photo Ideas

Looking for some general fun or beautiful summer photo ideas? Keep reading for more tips and examples of poses. Find a fun background and play with color. You can even try out a few filters or try experimenting with bright pops of color in your photoshoot outfits, bright colors are a great way to celebrate the summer.

Photoshoot Lifestyle

Make Use of Props

Think of props as your friend in a photoshoot. You can find different ways to pose with the use of a prop such as: hats, sunglasses, phones, etc.

Summer photoshoot with props

Make Use Of Golden Hour

Golden hours last longer in the long summer months, making the season a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the even lighting. This is extra perfect for practicing your portrait photography. Bring a few outfits so you have a variety! Have fun with your photoshoot by turning it into an experiment of angles and perspective. 

Summer photoshoot outfits

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