Personal Branding: How to be Known in No Time

Long gone are the days when personal brands only belong to major companies or public figures.

Chances are you are already starting your own personal branding or in need of it, if you have put in time and effort into building your own business, blog, or side hustle.

Every brand definitely has a story to tell. Telling your brand story is not just about writing an About Us page. Your brand story will make you stand out, differentiate you from your competitors, and bring in more of the right people to work with you. It should be mostly about you, your audience, and how they can benefit from working with you rather than more of your product or services. That story should make your audience feel connected to you and have a better relationship.

The whole trial and error process can take a bit of time when you are trying to solidify yourself in a specific niche or space, but I am going to break down some simple tips below to help expedite your process. Are you still wondering how to tell your brand story with intriguing content? Keep reading!

Tip 1: Identify your niche

This is a really important one, so pay close attention to this process. You really don't want to spend your time in a niche, so do your research and choose wisely!

niche research

If you have a passion for helping a specific target audience, that's a great start. You really need to narrow down your audience so you can then help with their pain points or areas of concern.

Here is the question you ask yourself: 

What am I really an expert in? Sure we all have hobbies and things we might be decent at, but that's not what we're talking about here. You really want to do some analysis around this to understand the what and why around your specific skills.

All of your branding material will revolve around how your specific skills can help your target audience. Any successful personal brand will be specific to your own personality because your perspective is sought and valued.

Tip 2: Let your personality shine through your personal brand

After you have identified your niche and you evaluated the impact you bring, you now need to make it personal. 


The second tip is really geared towards your perspective and approach. This is what makes going to you unique and what will be key for your success.

For example, I have been described as someone who makes people feel comfortable during a photo shoot. In other words, a client might describe me as personable when talking to others about their experience with me. Being a photographer who focuses on personal branding for beginner bloggers, I could not be happier with that descriptor. 

The best way I can show someone being their authentic self with the camera, is by me being my authentic self as well!

Tip 3: Define your brand identity

So how do you define your brand? When I am working with my clients, the first thing we evaluate is design. Your brand should be exemplary. 

personal branding

The presentation of your design will be incorporated into every aspect of your design like websites, photography, and any other material used for your business. Why is this so important?

A critical part of creating a personal brand is looking the part in the first place.

Consistent design helps you become recognizable no matter what your platform of choice is. Think of visual storytelling as a means of using high quality images to create an emotional flow, engage and motivate an audience to take action. You might have compelling content, but having good quality visuals can make your brand storytelling even more fascinating. Visuals in your brand story enrich your communication with your audience and it consistently captures the eye of your target audience.

Tip 4: Start incorporating content strategy

You may have heard the saying before, but content really is king! 

The reason why most websites are able to rank highly is because of all the valuable content that gets created. And as you can probably guess, this just takes a lot of consistent hard work.

Cozy scene, a journal and a cup of coffee content strategy planning

In Summary

So remember that regardless of what stage you are in within your business, you are the brand. You created your business based on what you love doing and what you care about and so you can reach the right people to make an impact. So showing up as the face of your brand is essential. 

Posting quality content of yourself is an important step in creating a personality-infused brand. Cheers to creating!

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